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As a privately owned and managed company we will ensure that your move is as quick and painless as possible.  Great importance is placed on client contact prior to your initial visit.  Based on your personal requirements, we thoroughly research and provide Move Management, Orientation, Education Advice and Support, and Home Finding for short and long term tenancy.  We tailor all of our services to ensure your standard and specialised relocation needs are attended to in a timely and effective manner.

Our highly experienced staff have lived and worked abroad and demonstrate a wide range of expertise in areas such as city demographics, education, property, cultural and social activities.

By working closely with Relocations Queensland our clients save valuable time, stress and money. Our key objective is to ensure the Family will feel secure and at home, in their new location as quickly as possible.  


Core Suite of Services

  • Pre Arrival Correspondence
  • New City Information Package
  • Short term Accommodation
  • Removal Management & Coordination
  • Arrival Services
  • Orientation of City
  • Home Search- Rental and Purchase
  • Education Assistance and Advice
  • Immigration Assistance
  • Documentation Support
  • Cultural Integration
  • Ongoing Integration
  • Financial Advice Package

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Additional Services

  • Special Needs Support
  • House Price Differentials
  • Cost of Living Allowance Analysis
  • Exit Programmes
  • Medical, Dental Referral
  • Pet Moving
  • Household Services Referral
  • Ongoing Support Network
  • Leisure and Sporting Options
  • Grocery Welcome Packs
  • Partner Support Programme
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Feel free to seek a free consultation. Hilary or Edel are more than happy to assist you with any queries you may have in relation to the planning of your move.


Why our Service makes sense

As more and more companies are discovering the expense involved in the relocation of an executive, an increasing number are calling on relocation specialists to assist with both domestic and international moving. When this professional assistance is not provided, time, energy and money can be lost causing stress, tensions in the home, inefficiency at work and unexpectedly high financial costs for the company.

Through the use of our relocation services, companies are not only able to control the high costs of relocation, but also protect their investment by reducing the risk of assignment failure due to discontentment.


A Range of Services to suit all needs. You choose and we'll make it happen. Contact us here for a free consultation 


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