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Welcome to Relocations Queensland


Core Suite of Services

  • Pre Arrival Correspondence
  • New City Information Package
  • Short term Accommodation
  • Removal Management & Coordination
  • Arrival Services
  • Orientation of City
  • Home Search- Rental and Purchase
  • Education Assistance and Advice
  • Immigration Assistance
  • Documentation Support
  • Cultural Integration
  • Ongoing Integration
  • Financial Advice Package

Feel free to seek a free consultation. Hilary or Edel are more than happy to assist you with any queries you may have in relation to the planning of your move.

Pre Arrival Correspondence

Great importance is placed on Client contact prior to their initial visit or permanent arrival. Based on your personal requirements, we thoroughly research and source suitable properties, schools, short-term accommodation along with many other services to ensure your relocation is timely and effective.
Removal Management & Coordination

The moving of an individual's possessions can be challenging for business relocation but it is essential to ensure that they are transported safely and on time. Relocations Queensland is accustomed to handling these movements using trusted carriers; dealing with every stage of the process from packing to delivery; ensuring that all the necessary administration is completed for country specific regulations.

Arrival Service

At Relocations Queensland we understand your arrival in Australia is your first step in your new home. To ensure your ease of transfer will arrange an Airport Pick Up Service and transfer to your accommodation. We can also have a member of our team greet you to ensure you are completely supported with your transition.


Our Orientation provides an introduction to your new City and is particularly useful before embarking upon a full home search program or assisting in an employee's decision to relocate. All the required aspects of orientation are covered including property, schools, shopping, amenities, customs, culture and much more.

Home Search

Finding the right home requires careful attention to the needs and expectations of the individual and their family. The level of support received needs to be tailored to their requirements and instructions. During the home search process we are also able to respond to any corporate policy or budgetary issues that may be have been stated.

It is essential that we present only those properties most suited to the individual. To achieve this we spend time exploring stated requirements to establish what will suit specified needs.

With a detailed brief we then search exhaustively, recommending only the best for viewing. Once a suitable property is selected we will assist in the rental negotiation or purchase process of the property and provide guidance in the selection of any professional services required.

Short Term Accommodation

Not every employee will be relocating for long enough to justify the long term rental or purchase of a home. In these cases Relocations Queensland can identify an appropriate short-term rental property or serviced apartments.


Our representatives have a sound understanding of Australia’s education system. We will advise parents on the suitability of State, Catholic and Private Schools, helping with applications and enrolment of their children in a school that is suited to them in an appropriate location. Dependants seeking enrolment in one of our universities or tertiary colleges will also find our education service very useful.

Visa & Documentation

We assist you with your Visa requirements and Visa processing. Relocations Queensland ahs access to one of Australia’s most professional migration agencies. This professional connection will help you limit your time and financial costs... We will also support you with the exchange or processing of required documentation such as Banking, Driving License, Medicare Documents and Tax File Number.

Ongoing Integration

We continue to offer individual and family support long after your move is completed. We can offer a range of ongoing network and social events to complete your seamless integration.

Cultural Integration

We have identified the need for Cultural Integration as we become a more multicultural society. With over 200 languages and numerous cultures we need our new people to feel at home in their new country both in business and leisure. Australia encourages those new to our fair shores to be proud of their heritage and celebrate their old traditions while at the same time embracing and understanding Australian culture and values.

Financial Advice Package

Each financial consultation is tailored to the client's individual requirements. Those arriving from international ports will find this service particularly helpful and those moving interstate may also be interested in the service.

Within Australia there are significant differences between the states in certain areas, particularly those relating to property purchase and finance. A wide range of financial information can be offered including taxation issues for those moving internationally.

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