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A time capsule will be placed inside Brisbane City Hall in early 2013 and Queenslanders are busy contributing their stories.

These postcard tales will be packaged into a book and placed inside the City Hall time capsule for safe keeping until the year 2059.

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We are proud to be associated with our leading corporate clients and thank them for their continued support.

Key Staff Members

Hilary Crawfoot

Hilary, having been involved with Relocations Queensland for over 20 years has a knowledge of Australia which is unsurpassed.  Having traveled with her family both internationally and interstate Hilary fully appreciates what is involved in Relocating. 

This expertise is teamed with a passion and complete understanding of the relocation industry.

Additional Services

  • Special Needs Support
  • House Price Differentials
  • Cost of Living Allowance Analysis
  • Exit Programmes
  • Medical, Dental Referral
  • Pet Moving
  • Household Services Referral
  • Ongoing Support Network
  • Leisure and Sporting Options
  • Grocery Welcome Packs
  • Partner Support Programme

Feel free to seek a free consultation. Hilary or Edel are more than happy to assist you with any queries you may have in relation to the planning of your move.

Special Needs Support

Relocations Queensland has a proven track record in assisting clients who may have a “Special Need” requirement within their family.  Such special needs arise in the form of children with particular physical or intellectual requirements. Perhaps aged parents are accompanying the family.   What ever the requirement we are well equipped to research and inform our clients.

House Price Differentials

When moving from one Australian city to another an employee may find themselves at a financial disadvantage.  For instance, if moving from Adelaide to Sydney it is fair to say the relocatee will find Sydney a more expensive city in which to purchase a home.   In this circumstance our corporate client may ask for a housing differential report.

Cost of Living Allowance Analysis

Information on the cost of living between Australian capital cities and some international centres is available.   Please contact us for further information.

Exit Programmes

If a family is required to move on to a new location at very short notice, Relocations Queensland can offer prompt assistance the exit process.  Preparation and management of the exit home; household removal; pet transport, etc.

Medical, Dental Referral

As our clients arrive in their new city we are able to help with information on local medical practitioners. For instance if a medical specialist is required we can, pre arrival, have arrangements in place for a visit to a General Practitioner and then the required Specialist. Referral to dentists, optometrists, etc. can be provided.

Pet Moving

Pets are special members of our families.  Let us help you to make transport arrangements for your treasured pets.  There are specialist providers for animal transport, let us know what is required and we’ll make it happen. If you are not able to bring your animals with you then make appropriate arrangements.   See that they have good homes to move on to or are at least delivered to an appropriate shelter.

Household Services

Its no fun moving into your new home and then realizing the power has not been connected. Relocations Queensland will ensure that all service requirements have been requested and that the suppliers have your contact details to fine tune the connection of such things as your internet service and cable television.

Ongoing Support Network

As standard practice we offer all relocating partners the opportunity to join in our monthly luncheons. This gives participants the opportunity to meet with others who are also new to the city and share their experiences and new discoveries. From this activity we have witnessed the beginning of new friendships. The opportunity to meet some one who shares the same interest is always on the cards.

Leisure and Sporting Options

Australia is unashamedly a sporting nation. In addition we are great supports of the arts. Whether your interests lie in the Opera House, Sydney or on the Rugby field, just ask us and we’ll help you follow your dream or passion.

Grocery Welcome Packs

If a customer is arriving very early or late in the day or has just had a very long journey, often the latter if coming to Australia from overseas, we can have some survival food ready in your serviced apartment. Depending on the time of day we will provide provisions for a meal and breakfast for the following morning.  Perhaps a little treat or two as well!



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Judy Edwards
Judy had comes to us from an Education background and has traveled extensively. Her experience and knowledge spans all aspects of the relocation industry. Judy has been working with Relocations Queensland for over 10 years.

Kelli Stedman
Kelli having lived both internationally and interstate has great empathy with our clients. Kelli has been with Relocations Queensland for over 8 years. Kelli's enthuaistic outlook is infectious and she make all clients feel stress free in their relocation.

Helen Palk
Helen comes to us from a legal background. Helen has worked overseas with the Australian High Commission and traveled extensively.

Brooke Seymour
Brooke comes to us from a Human Resource background. Brooke is has a great understanding of what the clients needs are and is driven to settle the family as smoothly as possible.

Kaaren Eastwood 
Kaaren comes to us from an Education background. Kaaren has traveled extensively and has a unique understanding of where the clients are coming from. This allows the client to feel at ease in their relocation process.

We also have a number of regional team members to assist with moves to Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, Gladstone, Mackay, Cairns, Townsville and many more.


As a privately owned and managed company we will ensure that your move is as quick and painless as possible.  Great importance is placed on client contact prior to your initial visit.  Based on your personal requirements, we thoroughly research and provide Move Management, Orientation, Education Advice and Support, and Home Finding for short and long term tenancy.  We tailor all of our services to ensure your standard and specialised relocation needs are attended to in a timely and effective manner.

Our highly experienced staff have lived and worked abroad and demonstrate a wide range of expertise in areas such as city demographics, education, property, cultural and social activities.

By working closely with Relocations Queensland our clients save valuable time, stress and money. Our key objective is to ensure the Family will feel secure and at home, in their new location as quickly as possible.  

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