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A time capsule will be placed inside Brisbane City Hall in early 2013 and Queenslanders are busy contributing their stories.

These postcard tales will be packaged into a book and placed inside the City Hall time capsule for safe keeping until the year 2059.

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More and more companies, large and small, are calling on relocation specialists. Why? See more.



Why our Service makes sense

As more and more companies are discovering the expense involved in the relocation of an executive, an increasing number are calling on relocation specialists to assist with both domestic and international moving. When this professional assistance is not provided, time, energy and money can be lost causing stress, tensions in the home, inefficiency at work and unexpectedly high financial costs for the company.

Through the use of our relocation services, companies are not only able to control the high costs of relocation, but also protect their investment by reducing the risk of assignment failure due to discontentment.


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